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Toggle this category Ground Control To Major Tom (Part 2)

Posted By:  webhead @ 16 April 2015 - 03:20 PM
Hello again,

So part 2 of the changes will involve rules and such. It was made abundantly clear to us that the policies over the last while of letting people run rampant doing whatever are fairly off-putting a lot of the time. This is a fun place full of fun people but it seems at times people just don't know when to quit or don't really care. Whatever the case may be, we're going to lay out some structure to build this place back up.

First up, we're reviving the Current Events forum and we're axing General Discussion. General Insanity will now house any serious or spam content and Current Events will be a forum where serious discussion occurs and will be policed quite heavily by the staff. As such, if your aim is to post in these topics to troll, irritate, or spam, we're going to remove your post without a second thought and you'll be warned via PM. When attempting to have serious discussions such as the ones we've tried in the past, this kind of irritant popping up simply isn't going to fly anymore. It can't. It alienates people and then the only ones left are the ones that are perfectly happy yelling at each other which isn't really conductive to a good discussion. Some basic ground rules for the new Current Events forum:
  • No insults of any kind. Do not insult someone's position or intelligence. Just disagree. You can in fact disagree without being angry or condescending. We're all guilty of this to some extent so it's just something you need to think about when you post. Read through what you're saying after you're done writing and make sure it isn't a bunch of angry nonsense.
  • Avoid sarcasm. Sarcasm has its time, place and tone, and that can be hard to convey with plain text. Please refrain from getting personal with sarcastic remarks and make sure to convey your tone to others. If you don't like what someone is saying, simply address it. Being sarcastic about it is both needlessly disrespectful and counter productive. You aren't going to get a good discussion out of a bunch of people mocking each other over nothing.
  • Avoid constantly playing devil's advocate, asking millions of useless questions, or just generally avoiding actually participating in the discussion directly. People want to know what YOU think so they can discuss it. Irritating them with a constant barrage of questions rather than stating your opinions is simply unhelpful.
  • Posted Image
    Don't be a dick
    . You know exactly what this means. Don't troll people. Don't purposely annoy people. Don't be an asshole. Don't be rude. If your post is removed for one of these reasons, don't act surprised or get mad that someone was annoyed by you purposely annoying them. Just don't do it. This above all else is the thing that the most people hate so just don't do it. At all.
These rules will be enforced in the Current Events forum with very little leeway on them. The "don't be a dick" directive is all encompassing. Everyone knows what that means. You aren't going to get us on a technicality. Just be nice. As for the rest of the forum, there will be some more wiggle room but just know this: If you make it your aim to harass and irritate people, it will be dealt with. If you want to go troll people and be an asshole, go to 4chan. This forum is for friends to have discussions, do fun things, and relax. Having to deal with trolling for the amusement of a few people pretty much kills that. This is not a challenge for people to try and rally against...it's a call for people to chill. There are plenty of places on the internet to be sarcastic annoying assholes and we'd prefer you keep it in those places. If you want to do some gentle ribbing, make a joke here or there, no one is going to swarm down on you. That's not what we want. All we're looking for is for people to give each other mutual respect. Joke away. Say funny things. Making a joke at someone's expense that is obnoxious or rude...you're walking the line. Think about what you say and the person you are saying it to.

If someone gets upset, don't mock them for being upset. Apologize. Saying "sorry, I was just making a joke, wasn't trying to upset you," goes a pretty long way to most people and prevents a shitfest from opening up.

On a side note, Outer Heaven will still be around for people that like offensive obnoxious trolling humor (e.g. me and Chax). If you MUST get it out, feel free to let it seep out there. Anyone entering into that forum has essentially agreed that they will not be offended. If you are currently able to access this forum and are offended by something you see there, then ask to be removed. This place barely gets used anyway but if there's a need for it, go for it.

So how are we going to deal with this stuff? We're going to remove/edit out offending content and we're going to PM you and ask you nicely to stop. We don't need strikes or bans or any of that and I trust that, considering the fact that many of us are nearly/over 30 years old, you can understand what we're asking of you and throw us a bone here. If you want your friends to keep posting here, then you have to be nice to them. I don't think that's really a lot to ask for.

At this point we've tried many different approaches to things on this forum. When we first launched v5, we pretty much had the niceness police. Then we loosened up a lot and had flame wars, bans, etc. Then the forum floundered and died. So we launched v6. After a time, we decided, hey, we're all adults, just do whatever and things have been slipping downward ever since. I know that a lot of people think that they should be able to say and do whatever they want but here's the thing...we've tried every kind of rule making and enforcement imaginable. Someone is always unhappy. Our aim here at this point is trying to find a nice medium somewhere so we don't irritate a large portion of the members and make them want to leave. I've heard the argument many times that people need to quit being babies or suck it up, but guess what? Some people are just more sensitive and some people just don't want to deal with bullshit. It's not up to them to stop having their feelings hurt, it's on other people to show a little restraint. We can watch the forum spin downward again into the shitter like it did with v5 or we can all come together and make a genuine effort to just be nice. It isn't going to hurt you. You've played nice under FAR more restrictive regimes here (remember v4?).

Now go, have fun, don't be a dick :), and check out the Current Events forum for more serious chat. It's safe, we promise.

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Toggle this category Ch-Ch-Changes (Part 1)

Posted By:  webhead @ 10 April 2015 - 09:39 PM

We've been taking in survey responses and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for responding to those that did. One of the first things that we've got in the works is...new staff and a few changes to current staff.
  • First things first, Ma has decided to leave the moderator team. You are hereby released from your modly duties. :P Thank you for sticking with us Ma. :)
  • Second up...a small change but worth mentioning nonetheless. MT has decided to step away from the day to day of actually running the forums (modding, setting rules, what have you) and decided to focus more on the back end. He is still an admin but he'll be focusing more on building DTGS and just posting on the forums. Just to clarify he is still an admin at The Center Network but is stepping away more from actual forum admin duties and more towards just posting for funsies (not the first admin to do this really). No tears though because he's not going anywhere. He's still the same lovable Christmas-footed young man we've always loved. :heart:
  • That leaves us with 2 mod spots! So without further adieu the new mods are Anelle and Nick! As we debated on who to send up these two came to mind almost immediately.
    • Anelle is the weird screaming dirty-drawing-making and surprisingly level headed and fair person that has stuck by this place for the whole damn time. We couldn't be happier to have her on board. :unkeke:
    • Nick is the guy who has really grown around here to a guy that everyone likes and who generally likes everyone else. As time goes on he's grown close to us as a family almost and wants the best possible thing for the place. We can't wait to have him on board!
So please give them congrats. We'll be helping them post spam in the mod forum acquainting them with the mods tools and bring them into finalizing some more changes (that would be the part 2 topic). Those changes mostly deal with the main content and feeling of the survey responses. Rest assured we have heard you loud and clear and are hoping to change things up around here.

Finally, a couple housekeeping type announcements that I wanted to throw out. First off, I've replaced Nostalgia with Nostalgia 2.0. Why? I had been working on a banner selector a while back and finished but had for some reason opted to keep it as a separate "Anime" skin when that was not really necessary. So starting about 5 hours ago, Nostalgia is out and 2.0 is in. How does the banner selector work? Up at the top right of the forum next to the search you will see a "Banner Skin" drop down and when you click on it you currently have 2 options: Anime and Classic. The skin defaults to Classic when you have not chosen a skin (with the sexily redesigned left side that Chax redid the other day...good job Chax). The anime banner skin is what I made a while back for anyone that was previously using the old actual Anime skin. Side note this sets a cookie on your PC so if you go to another one, the banner won't stick. This was mostly because it wasn't worth the effort to dig into the forum code just to make banners stick from computer to computer. If you've got any questions about this, lay em on me. Problems? You know what to do.

And a side note on the banner skins. As soon as I can, I plan to add back the April Fools banner as options to forever immortalize them. Enjoy. :D

So that pretty much concludes Part 1. As I mentioned before we just need a little time with the new guys to finalize the new rules and other changes and then I'll have Part 2 ready to go and we'll start implementing the changes. We've been hard at work trying to make sure we took in feedback from everyone (I even sought out a few people myself to chat with as have other staff members) and want to make sure we get a good balance for how we want the environment to be around here. This place is extremely important to everyone and we want to make sure everyone wants to stick around. Again, this year is the 15th anniversary...let's make sure there's another 15, huh? :)

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Toggle this category Future of the Center (2015 Edition)

Posted By:  webhead @ 11 March 2015 - 01:02 PM

Over the years, we tend to go through highs and lows at the Center. You may have noticed there's a cycle. As of late, it seems like things have gotten a little out of whack, and we've seen a few members quietly drop off the radar not to be heard from again for various reasons. With this in mind, we've been brainstorming over in the mod forum (it's not just spam!) about how to change things up and improve the overall environment around this place. In the course of doing this, we thought "hey, let's actually ask people about what they think," and so we've created a short little survey. It's more short answer than multiple choice but I really wanted to gather up opinions somewhere and I wanted it to be private from the rest of the forum (only the mods will be reading this...sort of like if you'd sent us a mod report).

Take the Survey Here: https://docs.google....fbJMRk/viewform

Few things with this. ANYONE can take this. If you've been going here a week, a year, a decade, or if you STOPPED going here or you know someone that has, take the survey. Pass it along to someone that you know that left. It's a fairly simple survey but it's the first step we're taking to improve things around here, and we want to know everyone we're serious about it. This is nowhere near as bad as the last version that was hanging by a thread but I don't WANT to see the place wither and die. Tell those people you know that left that we're genuinely listening and hoping to improve things. The survey uses your Google account to prevent duplicate surveys. I've left a box for you to enter your forum name as well, but you don't have to put it in there. We just want feedback. You can cut the shit and be as frank as you want. If you think we're fucking something up, tell us. If you think things are fine...tell us. If you think Xylus smells funny...well maybe keep that to yourself. He has a fragile ego. :(

This year marks our 15 year anniversary. 15 god damn years. Holy shit right? Let's make sure we make it to 20 and then 30! If you're seeing this message somewhere other than the forum itself (or you're lurkin'), hop on back and say hi.

http://forum.dbzcenter.com (Always and Forever)

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Toggle this category Center Awards 2014 - Results

Posted By:  Andrew WK @ 18 January 2015 - 07:15 AM
Without further ado, here are the complete results of the 2014 Center Awards.

Category: Best Male
How you define "Best" is up to you, but the guy must be a guy.

Joint Winners: webhead and Garlic Junior


Category: Best Female
How you define "Best" is up to you, but the gal must be a gal.

Winner: Betty


Category: Best Newbie
Anyone who signed up for the first time since 1st December 2013 is eligible.

Winner: Ghetto Onion


Category: Best Staff
Any of our current staff are eligible.

Winner: Garlic Junior


Category: Most Improved
Has anyone grown on you since the start of 2014? Praise them here.

Winner: Nick


Category: Quality Poster
That poster who puts their all into posts, whether it be through humour, content, best use of smilies, etc

Winner: Downshift


Category: Most Valuable Member
A non-Staff member who continues to improve The Center, acts with the conduct of a Staff member, or is in general considered of high value as a member.

Joint Winners: Slyph & Downshift


Category: Most Underappreciated
Any member, Staff or non-Staff, whose contributions you feel go unnoticed - give them their dues here.

Winner: Nick


Category: The Kinmotsu Award Most Respected
The member who no-one ever has a bad word to say about.



Category: The gokuu Award Funniest Member
The one that always makes you :lol:

Winner: gokuu


Category: Biggest Shitlord
Reminder: this is meant to be fun, but we have a healthy dose of trolls, sarcasm and in-joking. Who does it best and still makes you laugh while sporting the biggest shit-eating grin you've seen?

Winner: Chaoxytal


Category: The Anelle Award Most Creative
Be they poet, GFX artist, doodler, carpenter, or other.

Winner: Anelle


Category: Best Screename/Ava/Sig
This award goes to whoever you consider to have had the best Screename or Avatar or Signature or combination of all.

Winner: Kinmotsu


Category: The MIA Award
That one member of yesteryear who has yet to sign up to v6 but bloody well should! (Anyone from v1-v5 is eligible).

Winner: nighstar


Category: The Chaoxytal Award Most likely to still be posting in 12 years
Who here will never leave!?

Winner: Chaoxytal


Category: Most likely to be famous in 12 years
Who will be the first of us to earn $1,000,000, get a TV show, have books written about them and become world-renowned?

Winner: Oochie


Category: Favourite Forum
Your favourite place to post in The Center.

Winner: Video Games


Category: Favourite Topic
Your favourite topic of the past 12 months. (Mafia games not eligible).

Winner: Cringe Thread


Category: Favourite Mafia Game
This includes all of Season 2 and I will accept anything as far back as Mafia 33: Far Cry 3 from Season 1.

Winner: Soul Eater


Category: Favourite DTGS Article or Podcast
Not sure what is eligible? Check out the DTGS? sub-forum and refresh your memory!

Winner: null


Category: Most Controversial Post
Reminder: This is meant to be positive, but we can have a laugh about stuff we have done in the recent past. Seen something on The Center that shocked you? Share it here.

Winner: Feminism (Eggshells)


Category: Favourite Image
It could be from Post Your Picture, it could be from the Gathering topics, it could be from anywhere. So long as it features a Center member, or was made or shared by a Center member, it is eligible.

Winner: Photoception


Category: Surprise Of The Year
This is an entirely subjective award - what to you has been the biggest surprise of 2014?

Winner: The Center Baby!


Category: Moment Of The Year
Finally, what to you has been your favourite part of 2014?

Winner: The Center Gathering


Category: Favourite Gathering Memory
Whether you were there or not, I'm sure you've all heard the stories. What was your favourite part of The Gathering 2014?

Winner: Jambi


So there you have it, 21 votes cast eventually which is not too shabby really. It has been an overwhelming year in a lot of ways, but ultimately it has been my favourite for The Gathering alone. Outwith that, there was still a ton of great stuff on the forums themselves.

I hope you enjoyed reading the above and that it inspires you to make 2015 an even more spectacular year on The Center. Thank you to all who took part, and congratulations to all our winners and nominees! :thumbs: :mosh:

As if this post wasn't lovey-dovey enough, here is one final gift from me to you:


Here's to 2015!

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Toggle this category BREAKING NEWS

Posted By:  Xylus @ 28 December 2014 - 06:57 PM
Betty and I have created life!

We're pregnant as fuck. After reading a few books on how to build a baby, we put our heads together and created the first of its kind: A Purebred Center Baby!

It's going to have Betty's brain and my Olympic-athlete metabolism. It will one day oust Webhead as Center Overlord and melt gokuu's heart.

Baby is due in July!

:D :D :D

:love3: :love3: :love3:

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